Treatments at Quinta da Calma

At Quinta da Calma you will find a wide range of treatments and therapies, all with fully-qualified, experienced therapists. Some of our massages may be considered pure pampering and relaxing. Other treatments are designed to help with specific problems or ailments. Our massage menu embraces Ayurvedic, Relaxation and Foot Reflexology, for instance, while you can also enjoy Reiki and Aura Reading. For those who want to give up smoking, Hypnotherapy could be the answer. To book any of our treatments, contact us by phone, email or by the Enquire form.

Please note that you can make payments by cash only. If you miss your appointment or cancel with less than 24 hours’ notice, we will charge you the total cost of the treatment.


Massages & Other Body Therapies | Massagens e Outras Terapias de Corpo

Therapeutic & Relaxation Massage | Massagem Terapêutica e de Relaxamento

Therapeutic Deep Tissue – Full Body Massage. | Massagem de corpo inteiro
Therapists | Terapeutas: Eleine Lachance | Daniela Claro

Manual Lymphatic Drainage | Drenagem Linfática Manual

This treatment uses a specific amount of pressure and rhythmic circular movements to stimulate lymph flow. | Este tratamento usa pressão específica e movimentos circulares rítmicos para estimular a circulação linfática.
Therapist: Daniela Claro |

Foot Reflexology | Reflexologia dos pés

Massage of the reflex areas on the feet, creating a stimulation on other parts of the body, thus benefiting the whole organism. | Massagem das áreas de reflexos nos pés, estimulando outras partes do corpo e assim beneficiando todo o organismo
Therapists: Eleine Lachance  |  Ivone Sousa  |  Daniela Claro 

Upledger Cranio-Sacral Therapy | Terapia Crânio-Sacral de Upledger

Gentle method to correct tissue adhesions and organ dysfunctions | Método suave de corrigir adesões de tecidos e disfunções de orgãos
Therapists: Eleine Lachance  |  Daniela Claro

Thai Massage (on the futon) | Massagem Tailandesa

 Combines rhythmic massage, acupressure, yogic postures, gentle twisting, energy work and meditation. | Combina massagem rítmica, acupressão, posturas yôgicas, torções suaves, trabalho energético e meditação.
Therapists:  Daniela Claro 

Ayurvedic Massage | Massagem Ayurvédica

Is one of the oldest and most complete natural techniques for restoring physical and psychic balance. | Uma das mais antigas e completas técnicas naturais para restaurar o equilíbrio físico e mental.
Therapists: Daniela Claro  |

Indian Head Massage| Massagem da Cabeça Indiana

Therapeutic massage of the Head, Neck, Shoulders & Face. | Massagem terapêutica da cabeça, pescoço, ombros e face.
Therapists: Daniela Claro

Namikoshi Shiatsu & Moxabustion | Shiatsu Namikoshi & Moxabustão

Japanese acupressure and heat treatment. | Terapia japonesa à base de acupressão e tratamento de calor
Therapists: Eleine Lachance

Bowen Therapy | Terapia de Bowen

Manual therapy where the least amount of Body Work is used to help the body realign itself. | Terapia Manual onde uma intervenção minimalista no corpo é usada para ajuar a realinhnar o corpo.
Therapists: Eleine Lachance

Energetic  & Personal Development Treatments | Terapias Energéticas e de Desenvolvimento Pessoal


Energy flow through the hands promoting spiritual healing.
Therapist: Ivone Sousa  |  Daniela Claro

Hypnotherapy | Hipnoterapia

This treatment uses an altered state of Consciousness for Therapeutic purposes. | Este tratamento usa um estado de consciência alterado para propósitos terapêuticos
Therapist: Ivone Sousa

Aura Reading | Leitura de Aura

Allows you to assess and identify energy in the auric field and how it is affecting Relationships, Children, Projects and Work. | Permite avaliar e identificar a energia da Aura e como esta afeta as relações, filhos, projetos e trabalho.
Therapist: Francisco Martins

Regression (Past Life Therapy) | Regressão (Terapia de Vidas Passadas)

Allows access to the Inter-life period and reminisce about the Life Lesson helping to understand the current life mission. | Permite aceder ao período entre-vidas e relembrar a Lição de Vida, ajudando a compreender a missão de vida atual.
Therapist: Ivone Sousa