Laura Medler

What type of classes / workshops / therapies do you give?

Having trained in Integral Hatha yoga, my classes are a complete practice integrated to
combine the physical postures (asanas) with breathing practices (pranayama), chanting,
meditation and a period of deep relaxation to assimilate all the benefits. My classes are
multi level and all are welcome.
Life Alignment Therapy is a hands-on, gentle system of vibrational energy healing that
releases energetic imbalances in the body (suppressed emotions, toxicity & stress) caused
by any physical, emotional, mental or spiritual suffering. It seeks to address the root cause
of an issue rather than attempting to treat the symptom, working holistically on a
multidimensional level to balance the energetic reality, which is then reflected in the
physical body. Along with the balancing of the physical self, bodily systems, chakras &
subtle bodies, benefits also include: improved digestion, assimilation & immune response;
increased vitality, self-confidence & self-empowerment and relief from pain & fatigue, as
the body heals itself rapidly and effectively.


What do people say about you?
“Laura is widely read and practiced in the art of Yoga and its philosophy. She gives precise
and accurate instruction and adapts her classes to the student. In a few short weeks you
will notice a marked improvement in your sense of well being and energy levels. A
reduction in anxiety, peace of mind and an optimistic outlook are all welcome side benefits.
If you are thinking of starting a Yoga class, give Laura a try, you will not regret it!”
David Parker ND, DIP ION, DIP EAV
Naturopath and Clinical Nutritionist
Life Alignment
“I had the pleasure of receiving a series of Life Alignment sessions from Laura. All
sessions had a huge impact on me and created a deep shift in the areas where we worked
on. With her clear focus and deeply rooted intention, Laura creates a safe space for
transformation to happen. I’m really happy to have received these healing sessions and
can recommend it to anyone who feels they need help to solve stagnant issues in their life,
whether it is physical, mental or emotional. Thank you Laura, for working with me!”
Ria van Doorn
International Coach, Speaker and Leader of an Empowering Learning Community
for Women