Our therapists

At Quinta da Calma we work with a passionate team of fully-qualified and highly experienced Therapists. We present them in the list below.
Some of our massages may be considered pure pampering and relaxing. Other treatments are designed to help with specific problems or ailments. Our massage menu embraces Aromatherapy, Thai, Foot Reflexology and many more, but we also offer a wide range of Personal development and healing sessions.

Nutritionist | Nutripathic | Orthomolecular Therapist | Integral Yoga Teacher | Meditation Master
Speaks: English, Portuguese, German, French

Speaks: English, Portuguese

Therapist | Exclusive Therapist for Bowen Therapy & Namikoshi Shiatsu
Speaks: English, Portuguese, French

Therapist | Stress Management Coach
Speaks: English, Portuguese

Therapist | Doula | Exclusive Therapist for Access Consciousness
Speaks: English, Portuguese

Meditation Teacher | Exclusive Therapist for Aura Reading
Speaks English, Portuguese

Therapist | Foot Reflexologist
Speaks: English

Therapist | Exclusive Therapist for Flower Essences (Bach and Australian)
Speaks: English, Portuguese

Yoga Teacher | Exclusive Therapist for Heart Healing
Speaks: English, Portuguese

Therapist | Exclusive Therapist for Emotional Detox Massage
Speaks: English, Portuguese