Meeting House

Lovely octagonal wooden building at the heart of Quinta da Calma. It was designed by Al Kalmbach and built by him with a team of willing helpers, in the very early days. The Meeting House has windows on all sides, letting the natural daylight stream in, and the soaring roof is totally self-supporting, so there are no pillars to interrupt the large space. Over the years, the positive energy has built and many visiting workshops leaders have commented on it. The polished wooden floor makes it ideal for Yoga, Tai Chi or any other form of movement/exercise for larger classes up to around 35 people. It can hold 60 people sitting theatre style. It has facilities for light refreshments, and there are separate toilets for men and women.

Total capacity theatre style: max. 60 people

Total capacity exercise/yoga/movement class: max. 35 people

Airconditioning: available

Yoga mats: available